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SESKO is the National Electrotechnical Standardization Organization representing Finland in the electrotechnical engineering field as the National Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).


SESKO is the Finnish National Committee in IEC (international electrotechnical standardization organisation) and CENELEC.

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Standardization committees

SESKO coordinates participation in international and European standardization. Each IEC or CENELEC technical committee or subcommittee (also project group) that is considered nationally interesting has a corresponding Finnish group of experts, which follows the international and/or European standardization work and participates in it. These groups are called follow-up groups, and they can be joined by registering with the SESKO office.

Getting involved

SESKO participates in international (IEC) and European (CENELEC) electrotechnical cooperation as a representative of Finland via hundreds of national experts. We have set up a follow-up group for each IEC and CENELEC technical and subcommittee.

News and Viewpoints

You can find information on upcoming events and a list of all articles and news in Finnish from this link.

Young Professionals

Young Professionals Programme at SESKO SESKO’s Young Professionals (YP) programme is aimed at upcoming expert engineers, technicians and managers employed by industry working in the field of electrotechnology. SESKO’s objective is…