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All interested stakeholders are welcome to join the standardization work. Read here how to get involved.

SMEs make up more than 20 million enterprises in Europe and employ more than 80 million people. Standardization opens a lot of doors for companies, such as:

  • help boost productivity and innovativeness
  • open new markets and attract new customers
  • reduce costs and improve competitiveness

More information:

Learning about standardization in a quick and easy way

You will learn the benefits of using standards and of participation in standardization with CEN CENELEC’s eLearning tool for SMEs. A new eLearning tool provides 20 million European SMEs with a chance to learn about standardization in a quick and easy way.

The importance of standards for SMEs

If you are you an SME wishing to optimise your business operations, you can get involved now and help develop the standards that your business needs!

CEN and CENELEC together with SBS (Small Business Standards) developed a video for SMEs on the importance of standards as a business tool. The video invites SMEs to take part in standardization and to contribute to the writing of the standards.