Electrotechnical standards

Electrotechnical standards are prepared by complying with following principles:

Parallel procedures of IEC, EN and SFS standards

Preparation of EN and SFS standards

Preparation of SFS standards (without European orgin)

Electrotechnical standards are commercial products thus they are not available online for free use. However, it is possible to preview the contents of standards on the IEC webstore. On the Finnish Standards Association’s SFS Shop you can find the scopes of SFS standards.

How to acquire standards

IEC International Standards

  • IEC Webstore
  • the Finnish Standards Association SFS’s Webshop,
  • from SFS via e-mail sales@sfs.fi
  • or SFS customer service via phone (weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm) +358 9 1499 3353

SFS-EN, SFS-IEC and SFS standards as well as SFS handbooks and CENELEC publications

Finnish standards and CENELEC harmonization documents (HD), technical reports (CLC/TR) and technical specifications are sold by the Finnish Standards Association SFS. Standards can be purchased

  • on the Finnish Standards Association SFS’s Webshop
  • via e-mail sales@sfs.fi
  • through customer service via phone (weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm) +358 9 1499 3353

Further information concerning Electrotechnical standards, their numbering and application can be found from a guide and a presentation.

IEC Standards in database format

Some IEC publications have been developed in database format to better support the needs of standards users. Some of them are free of charge.

Free databases

Chargeable databases

  • IEC 60061 Lamp caps and holders together with gauges for the control of interchangeability and safety
  • IEC 60191-2 Mechanical standardization of semiconductor devices – Part 2: Dimensions
  • IEC 60417 and ISO 7000 Graphical symbols for use on equipment 
  • IEC 60617 Graphical symbols for diagrams

Usernames to the chargeable databases are sold by SESKO. Please be in contact via asiakaspalvelu(at)sesko.fi.