SESKO participates in international (IEC) and European (CENELEC) electrotechnical cooperation as a representative of Finland via hundreds of national experts. We have set up a follow-up group for each IEC and CENELEC technical and subcommittee. These follow-up groups, which consist of several experts, observe and participate in the standardization work of the relevant IEC or CENELEC committee. Follow-up groups are open for all those who are willing to participate.

SESKO’s board has set up national standardization committees (SK) in those areas which are important for Finnish industry and commerce or which have a significant importance in general. These national committees act as national mirror committees for one or several IEC and/or CENELEC –committees and they give the Finnish contribution to international or European standardization work within their scope. SK committees are permanent bodies and they consist of a chairperson and a secretary nominated by the SESKO board and numerous experts who are signed in the committee.

All interested stakeholders are welcome to join the standardization work. 

The benefits of participating in the process include

  • getting to know what other companies are doing in the field and gaining a competitive and strategic advantage.
  • help shaping the future of global standardization and maximize benefits from being involved with international standardization.
  • having a say in the content of standards in their different stages of development along with acquiring advance information on future work items and standards under preparation.
  • improving innovation, productivity and cost-efficiency.

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