According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, here within can be found information regarding the principles and rights of a registered individual, which SESKO adheres to when processing personal data.

SESKO is the National Electrotechnical Standardization Organization representing Finland in the electrotechnical engineering field as a member of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC). SESKO’s responsibility is to implement international electrotechnical standards in Finland and to enforce them as national SFS standards. In these functions, personal data on individuals is processed as follows:

1. Customer and stakeholder management

In order to fulfill its mission, SESKO maintains a register of people, who are part of national and international standardization groups or other stakeholder groups relevant to SESKO’s operation. More details on the register’s data and its sharing as well as using the rights of a registered individual can be read in Asiantuntijarekisterin kuvaus, in Finnish.

Data, required by the grant authority’s processing and reporting, is collected of those applying for travel, secretariat or translation grants.

2. Website tracking

SESKO’s website is open to everyone and browsing the website does not require registration. Statistics on how the web service is used is collected to support the website’s development. The following statistical information about the usage of the service are available:

  • Overall number of website visitors
  • If the visitor is new or coming to the website for the first time
  • From which web address the user has come from
  • Most used keywords used to search
  • Most popular pages
  • Most used browser versions
  • Most common service providers.

No personal data that could identify a certain individual is collected from the web service users. Statistically collected information is not related.

3. Cookies

The SESKO website adheres to the general practices of using cookies. In addition to saving statistics, cookies are used to ensure that our services are safe, efficient and user friendly. 

4. E-mail system’s information

The confidentiality of e-mails is protected under the law on e-communication. If someone has received any confidential message or identification information intended for another person, they cannot express or use the information. Neither can the identification information included in the message or the knowledge of the message existing be utilised without the consent of the sender or receiver, unless otherwise stated by law. 

Confidential communication applies to personal e-mails. The employer, its representatives or other parties cannot view or open messages without the prior consent of the persons concerned. The specific and exceptional situations and means in which a personal e-mail can be opened without the consent of the person concerned are provided in the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life (759/2004). All e-mails which are not considered personal are addressed to a specifically authorized customer service representative in SESKO.

SESKO’s Data Protection Officer

Pia Rouste
Address: SESKO ry, Särkiniementie 3, FI-00210 Helsinki
Phone number: +358 50 532 3987
E-mail: pia.rouste(at)