SESKO offers information on electrotechnical standardization through presentations, lectures and workshops, among others. The learning material and other useful information is gathered under SESKO Academy.

Learning material

Various presentations offering basic information on electrotechnical standardization and self-study material. Almost all of the presentations are in Finnish. Take a look at the international online courses of IEC as well.

Educational co-operation

SESKO visits schools giving lectures on electrotechnical standardization. SESKO also provides self-study material. Read more about the possibilities of educational co-operation.

SESKO Academy

The Finnish version of the SESKO Academy with more content, like videos, presentations, the SESKO magazine and information about workshops, among others.

IEC Academy

The International Electrotecnical Commission provides high quality training, offering webinars, eLearning, regional and national workshops to the global IEC community in English.

Young Professionals

SESKO’s object is to find potential young experts and help them succeed in the field of electrotechnical standardization. Read more about the Young Professionals Programme and its benefits.


IEC provides help with getting to know the right vocabulary in electrotechnical standardization. Read more.