Anna Tanskanen
Anna Tanskanen

Managing Director

+358 40 152 9648

Management and Finance
NC Secretary of IEC and CENELEC

Jukka Alve

Group Manager

+358 44 300 8267

Information Technology and Multimedia Equipment, Power Electronics, Industrial Automation, Connectors, Environmental Aspects of Electronic Equipment, Telecommunication Cables, IoT

Ari Honkala

Group Manager

+358 45 1880 625

EMC, ESD, EMF, Cable Networks, Radio Technology,
Electrical Equipment in Medical Practice,
Environmental Conditions and Methods of Test,
Safety of ITE and Measuring Equipment

Sanna Koivu

Project Coordinator

+358 45 657 8660

Terminology, Enterprise Resource Planning

Derek Roche

ICT Manager

+358 40 700 6926

Security Assessments, Office Technology Assistant, Development Tasks

Pia Rouste

Service Manager

+358 50 532 3987

Office Operations and Projects, DPO

Henna Saarnikoski

Communications and Account Manager


External Communications, Account Management

Arto Sirviö

Group Manager

+358 40 525 5040

Documentation and Graphical Symbols,
Wind Power, Solar Power Systems, Alarm Systems,
Home and Building Electronic Systems,
Printed Electronics, Smart Grid
Permanent Delegate (PD) of CENELEC Technical Board (BT)

Terhi Säynätjoki
Terhi Säynätjoki

Group Manager

+358 50 366 4800

Low-voltage Electrical Installations, Safety of Electrical Installations

Antti Turtola

Group Manager Quality Director

+358 40 522 5014

Products for Explosive Atmospheres, ESD, Electrical Safety of Machinery, Classification and Testing Methods of Environmental Conditions, Rotating machinery

Markku Varsila
Markku Varsila

Group Manager

+358 44 992 5000

Luminaires and related equipment, high-voltage electrical installations

Juha Vesa

Development DirectorGroup Manager

+358 45 657 8661

Electric Cables, Electrical Accessories, Household Appliances, Primary and Secondary Cells, Charging of Electrical Road Vehicles and Industral Trucks, Luminaires and Related Equipment, Measuring Instruments including Smart Metering, Conformity Assessment and Certification