The founding members consisted of 13 electrotechnical associations. The charter was signed by the Finnish Electrical Engineers Association, the Finnish Power Plant Association and the Finnish Electrical Industry Association. Through its member communities, representatives of many of the companies that have been involved in standardization since the beginning of the last century are still participating to this day in SESKO activities as experts or members of the board. The experts of industry are the strong power of standardization.

Establishing SESKO as an independent association was the answer to a clear need. Firstly, there was a good reason to assume that the consumption of electricity and the amount of standardized equipment and components would increase dramatically. This turned out to be the case.  Secondly, there was continually a lack of safety. At the same time international cooperation on standardization increased substantially, and only through an organized, widespread and comprehensive organization was it possible for Finland to be involved.
In 1973, the Board of SESKO, using its wise foresight, established a clear plan for the preparation of national and international standards, in which experts participated across every level from national to international. When Finland joined the EU in 1995, SESKO already had extensive experience with international standardization.

The 50-year-old SESKO offers enterprises a neutral, effective and accomplished association of experts – a channel, through which to give a voice for Electrotechnical Finland and to hear the world’s voice in Finland.  

SESKO’s values – responsibility, target-oriented action, expertise and customer satisfaction – drive SESKO towards the future.

For further information: Managing Director Sinikka Hieta-Wilkman, SESKO

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