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11.5.2020 It’s Public Health Week! Promoting health through the Global Goals
12.5.2020 Primary care in the digital ageCEN/TC 251 ‘Health informatics’ is a Technical Committee specifically dedicated to the development and provision of European Standards ensuring interoperability of health information systems throughout Europe, with systematic harmonization within the international environment.
13.5.2020 Staying together for mental health

We all experience mental workload from time to time. Stay healthy thanks to EN ISO 10075-3:2004,FSP_ORG_ID:3597,6104&cs=1252D924175AFE513E06A958A0C758824
14.5.2020 Equal health for all
15.5.2020 Grow old, grow healthy
18.5.2020Save the date! 
On 27 October 2020, Stakeholder Workshop “Artificial Intelligence in healthcare: paving the way with standardization”. 
The potential of AI technology in healthcare sector will make a huge difference for both professionals & patients!
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